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Moms Wisdom gives honest parenting advice to first time moms on how with the right mindset and preparation, you can raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted children who outperform others academically.

Think about it - only 1% of children in any particular cohort are self-starters, the other 99% need to be pushed academically in order to do well.

If you are the parent of one of the 1% (1 of 400 in a cohort of 40,000 students per year in Singapore), consider yourself fortunate. You have been struck by lightning and you should thank your lucky stars. The rest of us have to buckle down and get to work.

I am the mother of 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. I can be described as a Kiasu parent (Kiasu means 'Afraid of losing out' in the Hokkien dialect), even a Tiger mom, but I am here to tell you the brutal truth :

If you want your child to reach his or her full potential, you have to work really hard for the first 12 years of his or her life. After that, it is a bit too late. Habits, good or bad, are mostly set. It is hard to unlearn bad habits that have been there for so long.

I am a lucky woman, I have a good friend called Em. She is almost a mother to me. She is a strong and inspiring lady and she taught me a lot about raising kids and making sure they achieve their maximum potential. She is a real super mom and the inspiration for Moms Wisdom.

Em's Story

Em has 2 deaf sons, Lionel and Joseph. She told me that she thought it was the end of the world when she discovered that her second son was also deaf. But she is a pragmatic woman, she wanted her sons to be self-reliant. When she closed her eyes for the last time, she wanted to be sure that they could look after themselves. She succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. Her sons are not only exceptional in the Singapore context, they are World beaters.

Lionel is a government scholar and now doing his PhD in ETH, Switzerland (The university that Albert Einstein went to). Joseph is studying to be a doctor in Yale Medical School. He attained second in his faculty in his undergraduate course in John Hopkins University. He can play the piano, obtaining a Grade 8 Merit.

Everywhere her sons go (Lionel studied in Carnegie Mellon and Stanford Universities), professors are astounded by them and commend Em on how well brought up her sons are.

A clip shows Dr Charles Limb, a renowned cochlear implant surgeon in the USA talking about Joseph. Incidentally, robots that Lionel helped design in ETH are also showcased in other videos in

What can we do to help our children excel?

Here is where MomsWisdom comes in. I hope to distill the wisdom of what I have learned from Em and so many other mothers of fantastic children and share their secrets with you. Moms Wisdom is a complete mom's guide from Pre-pregnancy to Childhood with valuable mom tips you won't find anywhere else. This is my way of paying it forward. In turn, I hope that we can help each other to learn the best way to teach our kids. If you are reading this, you love and care very deeply for your child and want the best for him. If you know of a particularly effective way of teaching your child, please contribute and share your method with us. I look forward to receiving your feedback.

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