Weight Loss Snack Meal Ideas
Kale Chips

Here's a Weight Loss Snack Meal Idea for the potato chip-challenged individuals among us (that includes me!) - Kale Chips. If you find yourself reaching for that packet of potato chips, hold yourself down.

Remember that the amount of carcinogens increases with the surface area of the fried food you are consuming, so chips are one of the worst things to eat. I know of 2 people in their 20s & 30s who got stomach cancer from eating a packet of chips & drinking a coca cola every night while watching TV!

Metabolic Cooking can provide a fat loss diet as well as tasty recipes for healthy eating.

Makes 2 Serving


• 2 handfuls kale leaves
• 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
• Cooking spray
• Sea salt


1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
2. Arrange kale on a non stick baking sheet.
3. Very lightly coat kale with cooking spray and a bit of sea salt.
4. Sprinkle cayenne pepper on top of the kale and bake for 10 minutes or until crispy.

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Fat Burning Recipes to Die for!


Modern medicine, weight loss “gurus” and so-called Fitness “experts” have been telling us the same ol’ outdated, bogus advice for years:

“Losing weight is just a matter of eating less and exercising more”

or “We get fat because we eat too much fat"

These ideologies are better known as the “Calories In/Calories Out” and the “Fat Makes us Fat” theories that have been proven time and time again to be complete nonsense.

These diets fail to take in to account our bodies and how food is metabolized and take the easy way out by implying that anyone who is overweight is either eating too much fat or they’re just plain lazy. It points the finger at us and it refuses to acknowledge what science has already proven...

Carbohydrates Make Us Fat

I know...I know...you’ve probably heard that one before. Perhaps you even gave it some credence for a while. Maybe you’ve even tried a low-carb diet or the Atkins Diet (or something similar) but found it just wasn’t for you.

Unfortunately...if you truly desire to lose weight fast, drastically reducing carbohydrates is an absolute must.

If you don’t want to...or just feel like you just can’t give up carbohydrates for the next 3 weeks, then truthfully, there is nothing that can be done for you to lose weight except for hours and hours in the gym and severe calorie restriction over a period of 5-6 months.

However, if you truly want to burn 10-20+ pounds of body fat in the next 21-days and if you’re willing to follow this diet without deviation—then I personally guarantee that you will lose weight.

If you continue reading, you’re going to learn exactly why carbohydrates cause us to get fat...and you’ll learn exactly what to do about it.


The 3 Week Diet

We get fat because of the carbohydrates we eat. If you want to burn fat and become lean, you must accept this fact right now and you must hold this truth sacred.

When you restrict carbohydrates in your diet, you will become leaner.

This is an absolute fact. When you increase your carbohydrate consumption, you will get fatter.

This is not disputed. This is simply a matter of the human body’s response to your hormones and how they are affected by the foods we eat.

Here’s how it works...

When we eat carbohydrates, particularly those that are sweet or starchy, our blood sugar increases rapidly. When our blood sugar increases, our pancreas secretes insulin into the bloodstream.

Insulin’s job is to bring our blood sugar back to normal levels. It does this by moving the sugar out of the blood and into the muscles, liver and fat cells. If not for insulin, this high blood sugar (aka glucose) would be toxic. As you may know, diabetics need to add insulin to their bodies to keep them alive and functioning.

So, insulin is a good thing with regards to keeping us alive by alleviating high blood sugar levels that are triggered by carbohydrate consumption.

BUT...insulin is also very, very problematic with regards to our ability to lose weight.

As mentioned, when blood sugar is high, insulin’s job is to move that sugar out of the blood stream and into the liver and muscles to be used for energy.

But there’s more to it. Insulin is also a storage hormone. What this means is that when insulin is present in the bloodstream, as it is when we consume carbohydrates (sugar, starch), the excess carbohydrates (those that are not needed right away for energy) are broken down and stored in our fat cells as fat. When this happens, our fat cells get larger...and so do we!

And not only does insulin force those excess carbohydrates and fat into our fat cells, it also slams the brakes on our body’s ability to burn the fat that is already stored in our fat cells.

So, as long as there is high levels of insulin is flowing through your bloodstream (which is only caused by carbohydrate consumption), your body will be working to store fat rather than working to burn it.

The 3 Week Diet

You simply cannot consume a carbohydrate-rich meal and burn fat at the same time. Your body is either storing fat or burning it, depending on the food you eat. Now that you know this, you can put yourself in control using the methods you’ll learn in the 3 Week Diet.

A good thing to keep in mind is this: For every gram of carbohydrates you eat, your body is unable to burn at least that many grams of fat. And...so long as you are eating carbohydrates, your body is storing everything it doesn’t need...right into your fat cells (making you fatter).

At the same time, those carbohydrates are making it impossible for you to burn stored body fat. Keep in mind that our body is in constant need of energy—it needs energy whether we are out for a morning jog, cooking dinner, sitting on the sofa watching television or laying in bed sleeping.

While we tend to think we only need energy when we are physically exerting ourselves, you need to keep in mind that there is a lot your body is doing “behind the scenes” even while you sleep.

The fact is, our bodies are at work 24/7 to keep us healthy and functioning. And because of that, the body needs to fuel its work on a non-stop basis for as long as we live.

Another thing to keep in mind is that YOU can make a decision to have your body running on carbohydrates or have it running on fat.

On the 3 Week Diet, we will shift from carbohydrate burning to high-octane fat burning instead.

Contrary to popular belief, fat flows in and out of your fat cells (in the form of fatty acids), on a continuous basis throughout the day, making itself available to be used for energy.

The problem is...this fat cannot and will not be used for energy unless your insulin levels are way down. Insulin, however, will not be down so long as you’re eating carbohydrates.

Now, when we eat three meals per day and everything is working properly, your body will become

fatter after eating a carbohydrate-rich meal and leaner in between meals after all the carbohydrates have been burned and the body begins to burn fat because it has run out of carbohydrates.

The problem, however, is that when blood sugar spikes and insulin is secreted, blood sugar is normalized in a matter of minutes, while insulin remains “on guard” in the bloodstream for the next couple of hours—preventing fat to be burned during that time.

Understand that various cells in the body have a need for fat. However, when those cells that need fat to function properly are not getting the fat they need (because of insulin present in the bloodstream), your blood sugar drops.

Low blood sugar level is what tells your brain that you’re hungry...and because you are hungry, you begin to eat again before those fatty acids can ever be burned up.

When you follow up with another carbohydrate-rich meal, those fatty acids will need to be stored away because your body is going to have to secrete insulin to lower blood sugar again...and to use that blood sugar—instead of fat—for its energy for the next few hours. And this starts the vicious cycle all over again—constantly prohibiting your body from burning fat

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My Journey from US size 0 to 8 & Back
(I sacrificed my body to science just for you, my dear blog readers)

After my 3rd kid, I was a size 6-8 (depending on my dinner). I really tried everything:

  • Exercise - 10-12 km jogs everyday
  • Eating Less - Isn't losing weight just 'Eating less & Moving more'?
  • Duramine Diet pills - I lost my appetite, became an insomniac but was totally pepped up with energy. All would have been well except you can't take this long term coz' it's bad for your internal organs & I was cranky as hell! (What do you expect with 3 -4 hours of sleep every night, I was getting delusional...)
  • Tummy patches from Korea - You can't use this everyday coz' in the Singapore heat, it gets itchy. The verdict is still out on this, I think I just got an extremely itchy & sweaty stomach, with a slight loss in belly fat.
  • Marie France Bodyline Slimming Treatments - I tried a cocktail of all their treatments (1 each at a promotional price). I did lose quite a bit of my weight gain from my pregnancies and most of my stomach fat (my problem area), but the pounds rushed right back after I stopped the program (Who can spend thousands of $$$ to maintain my post-treatment weight? Darn, aren't I supposed to be able to keep the weight off on a semi-permanent basis?).
  • Body wraps & 'Lipolysis' - OK, be careful of this. You can suffer so much water loss through sweat and dehydration that you actually feel dizzy & unwell. The inch loss and weight loss is imaginary as you will definitely need to drink water & Boom! It's baaaaccccck...
  • Indonesian Jamu massages - This was my first treatment & the massage was quite painful (1 hour's worth of 'No pain, no gain') & there appeared to be bruises on my tummy. The massage was supposed to 'soften' the hard crystallized fat in your belly!
  • Zaggora Hotpants - I loved these hotpants for running, you sweat like a pig under the wetsuit material of the hotpants and feel like you have accomplished a whole lot. I did get my amazing trim thighs!
  • 3 Week Diet - I am working on getting my tummy as flat as possible and maybe getting that line down the middle of your stomach if you are really in great shape for a woman. I am on a reasonable high protein-low carb diet plan (No Atkins diet for me!). By reasonable, I mean I eat like a normal person, no starvation required. In fact, I try to eat small meals 4 hourly, supplemented with Fish oil, Whey protein, CLA, Leucine, Greens+ Superfoods, Fat burners and plenty of water to clear the toxins from my body. (Work in progress - I will report back to you of the results)

My After weight loss picture was taken at the beginning of this year and I am 45 years old (2015). I am a US size 2-4 now. I don't think I will ever be a size 0 again in this lifetime & be able to slip on a dress without even unzipping it (like in the good ole days... never mind, there is always my next life.)

In case you think I have skinny Chinese genes, nope, my grandfather had pants 3 normal-sized guys could get into. My mother used to horrify me with stories of how my aunt's 20 inch waist before marriage became 20 inch thighs after her 4 kids. I was determined not to walk down that scary path of permanently being called 'Auntie' by all and sundry.

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